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Quick identification method of PVC transparent sheet and PET transparent sheet

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                   Quick identification method of PVC transparent sheet and PET transparent sheet

How to quickly distinguish between PVC transparent sheet and PET transparent sheet Many users who have just come into contact with these two materials, sometimes it is difficult to distinguish quickly from the appearance, because they are too similar, especially the natural color PVC transparent sheet There is almost no difference from the pet transparent sheet, and it is easy to confuse. Here are some tips for you to quickly distinguish the two based on so many years of production experience:

Surface discrimination method:

First look at the cross-section or cross section. Most of the blue-blooming materials are pvc sheets, because the PVC formula adds ultramarine blue, disperse violet, phosphors and other colorants, and the ones without bluish are mostly pet sheets.

Looking at the surface of the sheet, most of the pvc sheet is calendered, and the surface of the sheet is mostly water-like flow lines.

However, these two methods of visual identification have limitations, because PVC sheets can be made of high-quality color, and the cross-section color is close to pet. At the same time, PVC can also be produced by extrusion process, and the surface can be made without water marks, so this can not be 100%. To achieve successful identification of %, the following identification methods must be used.

Distinguishing method:

Cut a small piece of each of the two materials and fold them in half respectively. You will find that because of the dual constraints of the molecular composition of the pvc sheet material and the calendering production process, most of the pvc sheets are folded white, and all the white marks on the folds are often pvc For the sheet, the white mark is not obvious or basically looks good is the pet sheet. To

But this method sometimes fails, because the change in the pvc production formula can make the creases no longer obvious. For example, using the Japanese imported 513 is better than Wanda’s m61, and the whiteness will be obviously faded, so I have to judge Only by means can we make more accurate judgments.

Combustion method:

Upgrade the discrimination on the basis of the first method, and start the discrimination from the burning state. Cut a piece of material and ignite it with a lighter, and it will burn with black smoke. Once the lighter is extinguished, it will be extinguished. At the same time, the irritating smell is stronger. The burning edge has black crystals. It is PVC sheet. Because PVC sheet is polychloride molecule, it has combustion-supporting property. It will automatically extinguish when it leaves the fire source. The pet sheet will also burn under the flame, with very little smoke and light. After the fire source is removed, it will continue to burn. The burning edge is relatively smooth and has less colored crystals and light taste. It can be judged that this is a pet sheet. The pet sheet is polyester, and lipids are easily degraded and naturally flammable.

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