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Project planning

To the customer plant design, equipment layout, formulation technology and other professional advice.The company can provide you with professional technical advice, and according to your products, production and plant requirements, to provide a complete implementation of the program. We aim to save cost for customers, help them to improve production efficiency, give full play to the value of our products, so that customers maximize the benefits.
Provide free equipment installation, commissioning, training and other systematic services.After the machine is delivered to the customer factory, the customer has the condition of installation and debugging, we will send a professional technical personnel for the installation and commissioning in three days, so that the operation of the machine to achieve the best customer satisfaction. At the same time, our technical staff will also be on the scene to explain the operation of the machine, the operation of the attention, the machine in the operation of the common problems in the process of solutions, etc.. Customers can also send relevant personnel to my company to learn, or through the network, online video, telephone and other forms to my company.
Machine installation
We are committed to: equipment free warranty period of one year and enjoy a lifetime of considerate maintenance.We believe that our company customer service, good service and excellent product quality also determines the development of enterprises. Therefore, our company professional after-sales service team ready to provide customers with the best quality service. From the installation and commissioning of the machine to the maintenance, we strive to make customer satisfaction. We offer our customers a year of free maintenance, if the machines in a year in any fault occurs, sales and service personnel will be the first time arrived at the customer site, find out the reasons, problem solving, reduce customer because the machine failure caused unnecessary losses.
After-sale service
A sufficient spare parts library is a guarantee of our service in a short time.Our company to ensure that all parts of the product is adequate, to facilitate the replacement of customer machine parts replacement and maintenance, the price is reasonable, and the old customers to implement a series of preferential activities.
Accessories supply


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