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Steel Strip Lamination Machine

Application range carbon fiber ud tape, carbon fiber fabric composite,composite floor,artificial stone and other sheet composite with a process temperature of 260-350degres Celsius
Working principle:Trough the plane pressure of the high-temperature stainless steel strip, the melting and compounding of high-performance materials is realized,higher bonding strength better mechanical properties and smoother surface quality are produced which is the production of high-quality thermoset/thermoplastic. The first choice for composite materials.

Application range: carbon fiber ud tape, carbon fiber fabric composite,composite floor,artificial stone and other sheet composite with a process temperature of 260-350degres Celsius

Advantages of GPM equipment:

①Choice of three different pressure modules
 highest design temperatureis40 degrees Celsius
③Imported European stee
l belt
④ Equipped with automatic deviation correction,self-cleaning steel belt,modular replacement,etc

Model and parameter

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