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  • Performance comparison of long/short glass fiber reinforced PPS composites

    The resin matrix of thermoplastic composites involves general and special engineering plastics, and PPS is a typical representative of special engineering plastics, commonly known as "plastic gold". The performance advantages include the following aspects: excellent heat resistance, good mechanical

  • Understanding the molding process of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites

    Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites are an important part of composite materials. Various thermoplastic resins are reinforced with glass fibers (GF), carbon fibers (CF), aramid fibers (AF) and other fiber materials, which are called FRTP ( Fiber Reinforced ThermoPlastics). Advanced fiber-reinf

  • Which application areas are long glass fiber PP flowing to?

    Which application areas are long glass fiber PP flowing to?In recent years, long glass fiber modified PP has been extremely popular in the modified plastics industry. Long glass fiber reinforced PP material is cheap and has excellent performance no less than that of reinforced engineering plastics.

  • Thermoplastic Composites Market Analysis and Forecast

    The global thermoplastic composites market size is expected to grow from USD 22.2 billion in 2020 to USD 31.8 billion in 2025, at a CAGR of 7.5%. The thermoplastic composites industry is growing due to its recyclability, rapid processing, ability to form and reshape, and survival at higher temperatu

  • A detailed overview of the current state and processing of thermoplastic composites

    For the past fifteen years, aircraft manufacturers have used thermoplastic composites as structural composites to improve their toughness and durability. Structural applications for thermoplastic composites range from engine hanger doors to leading edges to beams and brackets.This article details th

  • Composite materials on future commercial aircraft

    The composite materials used in the Boeing 787 and A350 account for more than 50% of each aircraft (calculated by weight), which is a milestone in the application of composite materials to the main structure. However, due to insufficient material demand for these aircraft, the demand for composite m

  • Application of common engineering plastics in auto parts

    Polyamide (PA)PA is mainly used in automobile engines and engine peripheral parts. The main varieties are glass fiber reinforced PA6, glass fiber reinforced PA66, reinforced flame retardant PA6 and other products. (1) Application in automobile engine

  • Aerospace·Thermoplastic prepreg tape continues to show potential in the field of aerospace composite materials

    Web Industries reports that due to the flexibility and advantages of thermoplastic prepreg, they have increased R&D activities in several aerospace markets.It is said that as commercial-scale thermoplastic composite production matures, improvements in material consistency and uniformity have increas

  • Matters needing attention in compounding biopolymers on twin screw extruders

    Driven by foundries and brand owners, it is estimated that by 2024, the global production capacity of bioplastics will increase to 4.8 billion pounds (approximately 2.18 billion kilograms), so that more and more applications will adopt such green materials. For compounders, how to compound such mate

  • Fiber-metal laminates suitable for electric vehicle applications

    Israel Manna Laminates company launched its new organic sheet FEATURE (flame retardant, electromagnetic shielding, beautiful and sound insulation, thermal conductivity, light weight, strong and economical) FML (fiber-metal laminate) semi-finished raw material, which is a kind of integrated A laminat

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