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SPC Lock Type PVC Floor Line

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1.Product introduction

Rigid multilayer composite PVC plastic floor,Hereinafter referred to as SPC floor. Is based on the new technology to develop new environmental protection floor, Has zero - formaldehyde, mouldproof, moistureproof, fire prevention, insect-resistant, the characteristics of simple installation. Popular in Europe and the developed countries and the asia-pacific market. With its excellent stability and durability, The SPC in stone floor already solved the problem of the deformation of real wood floor be affected with damp be affected with damp mildew, and also Solve the problem of formaldehyde of MDF floor.


SPC lock type PVC floor Line The floor size:







2.Technical specifications

SPC floor equipment / PVC stone flooring production line is to PVC and calcium powder as the main raw material production SPC stone floor of the equipment. The raw material is extruded through plasticized extruded sheet, six rolls of hot film and decorative layer. It is 100% free formaldehyde-free floor. At the same time, stone flooring surface embossed wood grain and a variety of patterns, the direct heat of the underlying cushion silencer layer, and then after UV wear-resistant processing, cutting and other processes from the slotted. It is the biggest difference with the traditional floor is environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, fire. Conforms to EN 14372, EN 649-2011, IEC 62321, GB 4085-83;

1.Excellent resistance to bacteria, stain resistance, maintenance-free

2.Flexible, non-slip performance, product water resistance, so easy to clean

3.Wear, antibacterial, not moth, mildew, the surface of the UV treatment has a strong resistance to pollution

4.Good dimensional stability, will not be affected by temperature, moisture deformation, routine maintenance only need to drag and drop

5.Safe, environmentally without formaldehyde

6.Noise reduction, foot comfort, safe non-toxic

7.Color, pattern rich, fully meet the needs of individual design

8.Fire performance B1 level

9.Small joints and seamless welding: special color of the block by the strict construction and installation, the seams are very small.So that the overall effect of the ground and visual effects to maximize the play. Scope: shopping malls, hotels, schools, office purification workshop, factories, hospitals and other places.


3.The main advantages of SPC floor comparison with WPC floor

1.SPC flooring physical indicators more stable and reliable, chemical indicators in line with international standards

2.SPC calcium plastic floor density: 1.9 ~ 2.2 T / cube;

3.SPC calcium plastic floor shrinkage: ≤ 0.8 ‰ (tempering treatment); WPC floor shrinkage: ≤ 2.5 ‰(Shrinkage test standard: 80 ℃, 6 hours of the standard)

4.The thickness of the floor substrate can be controlled within 0.05mm, less than WPC thickness deviation of 0.2mm

5.The corner strength of the latches after the floor is much higher than that of the SPC substrate

6.Long-term use of very small changes in size, hot and cold temperature and sunshine changes are not sensitive

7.Online glue-free direct extrusion of multi-layer composite molding, than the WPC floor can reduce the hot press and paste process, greatly reducing the labor and production time

8.SPC floor composed of the base film, color film, substrate and wear-resistant layer between the glue-free bonding strength is much higher than the WPC floor hot press bonding process

9.SPC plate from the extrusion line has been through a tempering treatment, can effectively reduce the post-cutting process of stress and deformation phenomenon.


4.Production equipment composition and process

SPC floor production process

Step 1:Mixing

According to the proportion of the formula were weighed → high-speed mixer hot mix (hot mixing temperature: 120-125 ℃, the role of a variety of materials mixed evenly, the exclusion of moisture in the material) → into the cold mix (to the material cooling, to prevent agglomeration and Discoloration, cold mixing temperature: 50-55 ° C.) → Mix the raw material by cooling the mixture

Step 2: Forming Extrusion

Large screw diameter extruder heating compression extrusion → into the plate die to shape → substrate for stereotypes → paste film → paste wear layer → paste the film → surface embossing → cooling→ tempering →traction → length cutting;

Step 3: UV treatment

Formed SPC sheet surface through a wide UV machine surface coating wear layer UV curing

Step 4: Slotted slotted + wrapped

Full SPC floor → Slitter, cut into standard size → Longitudinal milling → Horizontal milling → Cleaning → Aging→ packing → storage


Mixing extrusion line flow chart 


Device parameters

Equipment model


Installed powerkw)

Roll   pressure structure




4 Roll pressure structure




4 Roll pressure structure




6Roll pressure structure



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