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Prepreg application field and technology development trend

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Prepreg application field and technology development trend

Application field of prepreg

With mature technology and stable performance, thermosetting resin is currently the mainstream matrix resin of prepreg. With the breakthrough of varieties and quality of high-performance carbon fiber, as well as the improvement of composite material structure design and manufacturing technology, especially the formation of domestic large aircraft industry, the application of high-end prepreg in the aerospace field will be greatly improved. Aviation prepreg supply will face the situation of short supply.

At present, the prepreg industry in our country is still in the growth stage, the industry still has a large room for growth, as the new material enters the key period from large to strong transformation, gradually realize the import replacement, the prepreg industry in our country will maintain stable growth.

In the field of new energy, the application of carbon fiber composite materials has been relatively popular in many related secondary markets, such as wind power blades, photovoltaic polysilicon crucible and carbon fiber winding gas cylinders, and the proportion of its application has been continuously increased through technological progress, thus becoming the "ballast stone" that drives the rapid growth of demand for carbon fiber. Taking the continuous development of the hydrogen industry as an example, the continuous production of hydrogen cars, hydrogen heavy trucks, logistics vehicles and even trains directly prompted the demand for a large number of carbon fiber vehicle-mounted winding gas cylinders.

In the automotive field, no matter traditional fuel vehicles or new energy vehicles, important components such as body, frame and drive shaft are in urgent need of new materials to reduce weight and consumption. Carbon fiber is one of the best choices. More and more high-end new models of carbon fiber composite materials are adopted by mainstream automobile manufacturers at home and abroad, and the market demand for prepreg in the automotive field will continue to increase.

Development trend of prepreg technology

With the rapid development of lightweight and high-speed aerospace, lightweight and flame-retardant rail transit, and high integration of electronic and electrical appliances, the requirements of flame retardant, mechanical properties, heat resistance and dimensional stability of composite materials are becoming higher and higher, and the requirements of prepreg are becoming more and more stringent. In the future, prepreg will develop in the following directions.

Develop a new hot melt prepreg system. There are two main preparation methods of prepreg, namely solution impregnation method and hot melt adhesive film method. At present, solution impregnation method is the main method. Solution impregnation method is the fiber or fabric impregnated by resin solution, the solvent in the resin volatilized, and the prepreg reached the B stage of the process; The production equipment input of this method is small, but the disadvantage is that the content of prepreg resin is difficult to control accurately, and a lot of solvent volatilizes, resulting in environmental pollution. Hot melt film method is the first molten resin into a uniform and flat film, and then the film and fiber or fabric under a certain temperature and pressure composite impregnation, to obtain qualified prepreg material; The advantages of this process are precise control of resin content, less volatile, and no environmental pollution. Therefore, it is more and more urgent to develop new hot melt prepreg system.

Long storage life at room temperature. In order to reduce the manufacturing cost of advanced composite materials, in addition to various new technologies, an important aspect is to vigorously develop low temperature and low pressure curing resin system. If the service life of the resin and its prepreg at room temperature is prolonged without increasing the curing temperature, it is not only necessary to build large refrigeration equipment, but also unnecessary to modify the existing parts forming equipment. This will significantly reduce storage and process costs in manufacturing and use of advanced composite materials.

High performance. "Lightweight, long life, high reliability, high efficiency, high stealth, high penetration, low cost" is the development goal of the new generation of aircraft, which puts forward higher and higher requirements on the light and high strength, high temperature resistance, anti-ablation, high mechanical strength, high dielectric properties, designability of prepreg. At the same time, electronic products are developing towards the direction of high speed and high frequency, and the requirements for reliability are also getting higher and higher. It is more and more important for prepreg for copper clad plate to have high heat resistance and excellent dielectric properties.

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