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PVC Marble Sheet Extrusion Line

GPM's PVC marble sheet production line is automatically fed into high-speed mixing, and then automatically fed to a twin-screw extruder.The three-roller setting mold is discharged from the large plate mold structure. , Tractor, automatic cutting machine, roller conveyor and so on.
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The unit has a compact structure and superior performance. The optimized design of the screw and barrel and the professional processing of high-performance alloy steel make the whole machine have the advantages of uniform plasticization, stable extrusion, high output and long life. The main body screw barrel adopts cast aluminum heater for heating, air cooling, and precise electric control instrument to control the temperature. Precise sizing and calendering device, through its good adjustment function, makes the plate excellent in sizing. The cutting part adopts a fixed-length cutting device to ensure the length of the board.
PVC imitation marble plate has the outstanding advantages of high imitation marble pattern, color and brightness, which are basically the same as marble. It is used for interior wall decoration and can achieve the same decorative style as stone; the decoration of the interior wall of the hall is more rustic and tough. PVC imitation marble pattern board uses transfer technology to imitate the stone pattern. There are many types of stone patterns and rich colors, which can bring different decoration options to the interior wall.
PVC imitation marble plate, high-quality interior wall decoration board, using medium density PVC microcrystal as the base material, the marble pattern is imitated on the plate, and the UV curing technology is used to produce PVC imitation marble plate. It is no different from Dali real stone, and its surface is smooth and flat. It can imitate various patterns and be used for interior wall decoration. marble plate:
Scope of application: It is widely used in hot spring resorts, bath centers, night clubs, mass-market KTVs, office buildings, hotels, subways and other places. It is an ideal decorative material for humid environments!
Performance characteristics: The texture is clear and natural, the surface fidelity can reach 99.5% of the stone, non-toxic, non-radiation, anti-penetration, anti-aging, self-cleaning, surface wear resistance, hardness can reach 3H-6H, fire resistance can reach A to Class B. Light weight, easy to transport, convenient and fast construction, standard board size of 1220mm * 2440mm, low cost and high safety!
PVC marble sheet has five advantages:
1. A1 grade fireproof base material, strong fireproof performance.
2. High imitation stone pattern, good decoration performance.
3. Safe and environmentally friendly green materials.
4. Excellent weather resistance.
5, wear-resistant and easy to clean
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