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Nylon materials are widely used, and composite materials are expected to become the future development direction

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Nylon materials are widely used, and composite materials are expected to become the future development direction

Nylon material has excellent performance and is widely used in automotive, electronic and electrical, consumer and other fields

Nylon (Nylon) chemical name polyamide (PA), is the world's earliest synthetic and industrialized production of synthetic fibers, in the field of textile and clothing is mostly known as nylon. As an important polymer material, nylon has been widely used in many fields such as clothing, automobile, national defense and aerospace. There are many types of nylon products, mainly including PA6, PA66, as well as PA11, PA12, PA610, PA612, PA1010, PA46, etc., the dominant nylon in our country is PA6 and PA66, the consumption of both accounts for about 90% of the total consumption, of which PA6 is more common. PA Carbon Fiber UD Tape.

According to the "China nylon material industry status quo in-depth research and development prospects forecast report (2023-2030)" released by the research report network, compared with nylon 6, nylon 66 in wear resistance, melting point and thermal deformation temperature performance are more excellent, nylon 6 is mainly used in the civilian textile field, while nylon 66 is mainly in the field of engineering plastics. Specifically, nylon 66 is an important material to achieve automotive lightweight, while widely used in the downstream rail transit and electronic and electrical fields, civilian use of nylon 66 is also yoga clothing, hardshell clothing and other high-end clothing and high-end electrical ideal material, difficult to be replaced by other materials.

Polycaprolactam (PA6) is a polymerization reaction of caprolactam. Due to its low strength and soft properties, it is widely used as nylon fiber at present. It is widely used in civil applications such as clothing, luggage, tire cord fabric, conveyor belt and other industrial applications. In addition, because PA6 engineering plastics have wear resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, high tensile strength, strong impact toughness, good self-lubrication and other characteristics, it also has many applications in electronic devices, automobiles, railways and other engineering fields. In addition to the above fields, PA6 is also widely used in the film field as a bidirectional stretch nylon film material.

Nylon fiber has excellent performance, and has outstanding characteristics in strength, wear resistance, moisture absorption, etc. Compared with other chemical fiber fabrics, the quality is stable and durable, and it is widely used in civil fields such as clothing, socks, backpacks, home textile products, as well as special protective safety supplies, cables, tire cord fabric and other industrial, military and aerospace fields. Especially in the civil aspect, nylon civil silk has high strength, light weight, good elasticity, fatigue damage resistance, wear resistance, alkali resistance and reducing agent resistance, low temperature resistance and other excellent characteristics, has a wide range of applications in high-end textiles.

Polyhexadipamide (PA66), as a polymerization reaction of adipic acid and hexadipamide, can be mainly divided into civil and industrial applications. According to Longzhong Information, at present, PA66 is mostly used as industrial silk, mainly used in automobile tires, cord cloth, conveyor belts, safety rope nets and other industrial and military fields.

With its excellent performance, PA66 can meet higher demands in the field of civil clothing such as textile fabrics. PA66 is the highest quality man-made fiber, with a stronger, softer, better look and feel, a more attractive gloss and longer service life than PA6, and because of its high comfort, it is very suitable for tight clothing.

Nylon composite material is expected to become one of the most mainstream engineering materials

In the large family of nylon materials, nylon 6 and nylon 66 are the two main varieties. With excellent comprehensive properties, PA6 and PA66 are the first nylon varieties developed and industrialized, and they are also the nylon varieties with the largest output and consumption at present. Aliphatic nylon has excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, strong lubricity and wear resistance, but also due to the existence of amide bonds, high water absorption and poor dimensional stability. Therefore, it needs to be modified when used as engineering materials, and the filling modification process is generally used in industrial production. Filling modification refers to the use of various high-performance fibers, and the addition of toughening agents, lubricants, and heat stabilizers to modify nylon to obtain composite materials with high strength, dimensional stability and good processing properties, that is, nylon composite materials.

In ordinary nylon composites, mainly in the automotive and industrial fields, strong glass fiber reinforced PA6 and PA66 are the most common nylon composites, with excellent mechanical properties. In the fields of wire and cable and tubing, PA11 and PA12 composite materials have low moisture absorption rate, good self-lubrication and electrical insulation, and are widely used. At present, glass fiber reinforced PA11 and PA12 are mainly used in automotive oil pipes and wire and cable protective sleeves. In gear bearings and electronic and electrical covers, PA610 composite material has outstanding impact resistance and other comprehensive properties are widely used.

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