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Learn Something about PAEK

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Learn something about PAEK

Market adoption and future impact:

The versatility of LMPAEK™ polymers also opens up new avenues for design and manufacturing, particularly UDT-Unidirectional tape with continuous carbon fiber. When delivered in UDT form, these polymers can be easily machined into complex shapes and complex geometrics-enabling innovative designs that are difficult to achieve with traditional materials and manufacturing methods.

LMPAEK polymer

In addition, LMPAEK™ polymers can be processed using technologies such as additive manufacturing, making them compatible with existing manufacturing processes.

Several leading aerospace companies have begun incorporating LMPAEK™ polymers UDTs, films, filaments and compounds into their aircraft and spacecraft designs. These polymers are used in applications such as structural components, interior panels and even critical engine components. The adoption of LMPAEK™ polymers not only helps reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency, but also enhances the ability to process tape faster, obtain quality parts, and reduce costs.CFRTP

Application timeline and accelerated use

In 2020, there was a significant increase in demonstrations and published papers of LMPAEK™ materials, highlighting their growing importance in the industry. During this time Victrex worked with customers to set new records and further demonstrate the potential of the product: composite PAEK tape | thermoplastic tape -Victrex

 2019 Cleansky Project Partnership with Toray and JEC In 2019, an important milestone was reached with Toray on the "Aircraft of Tomorrow" Cleansky program with Airbus. The aim is to leverage the unique properties of LMPAEK™ materials to drive innovation and progress in the aerospace sector.

A turning point for LMPAEK™ materials came at the 2019 JEC, where demonstrations and demonstrations demonstrated the QVP-Quantified Value Proposition of LMPAEK™ unidirectional tape processed through automatic fiber placement (AFP). The collaboration with Coriolis proves the high speed, high quality and excellent mechanical strength obtained through this process. Victrex and Coriolis composites unlock the efficiency potential of thermoplastic composite parts.

2020 Electroimpact achieves thermosetting production speeds of 4,000 inches per minute, underscoring the efficiency and productivity of LMPAEK™ materials. At CAMX 2021, it won the Innovation in Materials Process Award. Victrex UD tape helps Electroimpact increase thermoset lamination speed.

 In 2020, French aircraft manufacturer and equipment supplier Daher will produce a special 176 laminated structural aircraft panel with a thickness of 32mm, opening up opportunities for thick structural components such as wing ribs. Victrex and Daher: Breakthroughs in next-generation thermoplastic composites for aircraft structural components

2021 The Multi-Purpose Fuselage Demonstrator (MFFD) project has been publicly announced for the first time. The upper half of the MFFD was developed by DLR (Germany) and the lower half by NLR (The Netherlands). The project demonstrates the versatility and potential of LMPAEK™ materials for multifunctional aerospace components. Fabrication of MFFD thermoplastic composite fuselage.

 In 2022, at various conferences and exhibitions, key customers presented their presencers and demonstrated the possibilities of how LMPAEK™ materials could impact manufacturing.

 In 2023, JEC 2023 showcased larger size parts and structures, and the company demonstrated parts made entirely of LMPAEK™ substrates, receiving the JEC 2023 Composites Innovation Award for the first time in the composites industry.

Support the Aerospace Sustainable Development Goals

In addition, the use of LMPAEK™ polymers is in line with the industry's growing focus on sustainability. These polymers are recyclable, which is a key factor in reducing waste and environmental impact. In addition, the lightweight nature of LMPAEK™ polymers helps reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions, making them a more environmentally friendly choice for aerospace manufacturers.

Enabling the next generation of aerospace advances

The increasing adoption of LMPAEK™ materials by the aerospace industry marks an important milestone in the quest for more advanced and efficient aircraft components.

With significant achievements and ongoing collaboration, the future of LMPAEK™ materials looks promising. As the industry continues to adopt LMPAEK™ polymers, it will undoubtedly contribute to the next generation of aerospace advancements, shaping the future of aviation.

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