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Inventory of composite materials at the Asian Games in Hangzhou

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Inventory of composite materials at the Asian Games in Hangzhou

From September 8 to September 20, the Asian Games torch was passed through 11 prefecture-level cities in Zhejiang Province. With a height of 730 mm and a net weight of 1200 grams, the torch is designed from the Liangzhu culture, which has a history of 5,000 years of Chinese civilization. The whole torch uses recycled metal and carbon fiber materials, the internal fuel is propane, and the combustion is safe and pollution-free.cfrtp.cfrt

Taishan Sports, Jinling Sports, Flying Eagle Boat and other domestic sports companies have provided sports equipment and service support for the Asian Games, and the innovative application of materials has developed rapidly. The race bike is a full integration of ergonomics and aerodynamics, achieving a key technical breakthrough in aerodynamic efficiency, and the overall frame is made of high-modulus carbon fiber, which greatly improves the overall strength of the frame.

Taishan Sports will be the world's first and through the international certification of the new upgraded carbon fiber composite material applied to gymnastics equipment, giving gymnastics equipment higher strength, portability and safety, while improving the quality of equipment and effectively improve the performance of athletes.

The swimming pool for the water polo competition of this Asian Games is provided by the square swimming pool, which realizes the "import substitution" of the assembled swimming pool for international competitions for the first time. This product is the fifth generation of assembled swimming pool developed by Sifang Swimming, and can be disassembled and removed after use. Compared with the traditional swimming pool, the pool does not use the pool film, reinforced concrete, pool special tiles and other materials, but the use of new composite materials independently developed by the enterprise. In addition, the size of the pool can be freely adjusted, the installation is both environmentally friendly and convenient, and the service life is up to 50 years. The pool also realizes countercurrent circulation, which can effectively replace and update between purified water and unpurified water, making the pool more comfortable, safe and hygienic.

The Fuxing Asian Games intelligent EMU built by CRRC for the Hangzhou Asian Games uses a carbon fiber driver platform, and its main frame and bearing parts are made of a new generation of high-strength composite material carbon fiber. After structural optimization, the weight of the driver platform is reduced by 30% under the premise of ensuring strength and stiffness. In terms of technology, the surface of the carbon fiber driver table is covered with high hardness and wear-resistant matte transparent paint, which effectively prevents the fiber from being exposed and the texture is easy to scratch. Through the use of new environmentally friendly resins, water-based adhesives and water-based coatings, the molding technology of carbon fibers has been greatly improved, and the product has also been made greener.

Why carbon fiber is so popular

Carbon fiber, known as "black gold", has obvious performance advantages and a wide variety of applications, which are widely used in wind power, aerospace, automobiles, construction and other fields. With the acceleration of localization, the price of carbon fiber is expected to further decline, and the application market will continue to expand. The following are the excellent properties of carbon fiber:

1, lightweight: the density of carbon fiber is 1.5-2.0g/cm3, only 1/4 of steel, 1/2 of aluminum alloy.

2, high strength and high mode: the tensile strength of carbon fiber is usually more than 3500 MPa, the specific strength is more than 10 times that of steel; The modulus of elasticity is 230-340 GPa, much higher than that of steel.

3, high and low temperature resistance: in an inert atmosphere, the use of carbon fiber temperature can reach 2000 ℃; It still has good elasticity at the ultra-low temperature of -180 ℃.

4, low linear expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity: the coefficient of thermal expansion of carbon fiber shows various opposites, parallel to the fiber direction is negative, perpendicular to the fiber is positive, overall lower than steel; The specific heat capacity of carbon fiber is about 0.71 KJ/(kg·K), its thermal conductivity is in the range of 1.5-6.0 W/(m·K), and there is basically no crack in sudden cooling or sudden drop.

5, corrosion resistance: has good chemical stability, acid resistance, alkali resistance, oil resistance, in addition to strong oxidants, the basic performance is inert.

6, good electrical conductivity: at room temperature, the resistivity of high-modulus carbon fiber is 7.75× 10-2Ω ·m, and high-strength carbon fiber is 1.5× 10-1Ω ·m.

7. Strong designability: good processing performance.

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