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Important application areas of carbon fiber

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Important application areas of carbon fiber

1. Green energy

In the field of wind power, carbon fiber is mainly used in the manufacture of wind power blades and blade beams, which is higher in strength and lighter in weight than glass fiber, so the permeability of carbon fiber in the field of wind power is growing rapidly.

In the photovoltaic field, carbon fiber materials are used in the manufacture of solar panel frames and support panels. In the thermal field system, the material used in the crystalline silicon growth equipment also has carbon fiber.cfrtp

2. Aerospace

In the aviation field, carbon fiber composite materials can be applied to the main bearing structure and sub-bearing structure of the aircraft, reducing the overall weight of the aircraft by 20% to 40%, significantly improving its endurance and reducing fuel costs.

In the field of aerospace, carbon fiber composite materials are widely used in the manufacture of satellite antennas and satellite supports, as well as in the manufacture of solid rocket engine shells and nozzles because of their high strength, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

3. Pressure vessel

Driven by the policy, the pressure vessel is in a gusher development state, and the demand for winding carbon fiber is growing rapidly. At present, pressure vessels are mainly used in natural gas and hydrogen storage tanks, high-pressure gas storage tanks, compressed natural gas fuel tanks and other fields. In China, the research and development of vehicle hydrogen storage bottles is mainly focused on the process research of 70 MPa IV bottles.

4. Transportation construction

The penetration rate of carbon fiber in automobiles is increasing, and the lightweight market of medium and high-end automobiles is expanding. Carbon fiber has strong quality and high strength, which can reduce emissions and fuel consumption, improve vehicle safety and comfort, and improve vehicle driving efficiency. At present, automotive carbon fiber products mainly include body, interior, brake, wheel hub and so on.

The application of carbon fiber in ships is relatively small, basically concentrated in high-end competitive ships, in sailing racing boats, the mast, canvas, hull, superstructure, transmission shaft and propeller and other structural parts are made of carbon fiber.

5. Sports and leisure

Sports and leisure is the traditional application of carbon fiber, such as rackets, skis, sledges, hockey sticks, fishing rods, golf clubs, bicycles, surfboards, kites, shoes and other sports products are made of carbon fiber.

6. 3C products

In 2022, folding screen mobile phones achieved contrarian sales growth due to their novelty charm. The folding screen mobile phone has put forward higher requirements for the design, portability, lightweight, strength and so on, and carbon fiber has played a great role in this field.

7. Industrial applications

The application of carbon fiber composite materials in various industrial machinery parts is very eye-catching, such as the use of carbon fiber composite materials for paper rolls, not only greatly reduces the weight, but also increases the stiffness. The robotic arms used in the automated production process are also heavily made of carbon fiber composites.

8. Medical field

Carbon fiber has good X-ray penetration and is magnetic-free, which can be used to manufacture imaging equipment such as MRI, CT scanners and X-ray machines. In addition, carbon fiber has application value in surgical instruments, prosthetics, wheelchairs, medical implants and so on.

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