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How to achieve lightweight power battery?

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How to achieve lightweight power battery? | The material is your own choice, never choose "waste"

New energy tram

Trams don't need gas, but they charge too often...

It's a long ride. Can the car hold any longer?

Battery safety accidents occur frequently, explosion-proof flame retardant can be upgraded to what extent? I believe that everyone who drives an electric car has more or less range anxiety and safety concerns about the battery.

As the benchmark and popular for green and low-carbon travel, electric vehicles have gradually served tens of millions of people. With the strong circle and rapid iterative development of electric vehicles, how can the power battery achieve lightweight, and at the same time have the needs of puncture prevention, bottom impact resistance, and thermal runaway prevention?

Goldilocks Technology gives full play to its own material design expertise, as well as years of thermoplastic composite (CFRTP) manufacturing experience, innovative applications to power battery bottom protection plate to seal cover, and constantly iterate and upgrade products. Let you choose the right one time, travel without fear!

Bottom shield composite material

① Stronger protection ability: Kingfa composite bottom protection plate can significantly improve the bottom impact protection effect of power battery. Even at 16mm

Even under the impact of 16mm diameter ball head (more stringent bottom impact test)Kingfa composite bottom protection plate has stronger protection ability than 3mm aluminum plate;

② Lower parts cost: The use of composite materials for the packaging of high-strength steel, saving electrophoresis, PVC coating and other process costs, the overall cost of parts has great savings. Kingfa composite bottom protection plate can greatly save material cost compared with aluminum plate.

Seal cover composite material

① Good mechanical properties

② Meet the requirements of flame retardant and air tightness

③ High molding efficiency

④ Large cost advantage

⑤ Environmental protection, materials can be recycled

Through the formula design of flame retardant CFRTP, KINGFA realizes the flame retardant material with high glass fiber content V0, the parts meet the fire resistance at 1200℃ at the same time, the continuous burning for 30min, no low, and the self-extinguishing within 10s from the fire.

Why CFRTP composites?

The current typical CFRTP+ high-strength steel composite structure has been recognized by the market and customers, and won the 2022 Lingxuan Award. Kingfa has increased investment in research and development and strengthened product innovation, and is further cooperating with OEM and power battery pack factories.

Electric vehicles and power batteries still have a long way to go in the future, we will continue to empower them with innovation, and gather the power of thermoplastic composite materials to help the car lightweight and safe and high performance, so that you can enjoy every trip!

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