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Fiber-metal laminates suitable for electric vehicle applications

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Israel Manna Laminates company launched its new organic sheet FEATURE (flame retardant, electromagnetic shielding, beautiful and sound insulation, thermal conductivity, light weight, strong and economical) FML (fiber-metal laminate) semi-finished raw material, which is a kind of integrated A laminate of sheet metal layers, the sheet metal layers can be placed on the outside of the laminate or between layers of reinforced fabric (usually glass fiber or carbon fiber).

FEATURE FLM is part of Manna Laminates' Formtex continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFT) product series, which is made of advanced woven fabric organic sheets or laid unidirectional tapes. According to the company, these laminates can be customized according to component or industry requirements, making them ideal materials for quasi-isotropic load-bearing hybrid components. It is said that this is an innovative and economical material with superior quality and performance.

FEATURE organic board semi-finished materials are also considered to be ideal materials for electric vehicle battery shells. They can be used for the upper and lower parts of the battery shell, and also for electrical boxes. These applications are electromagnetic shielding, flame retardant (to meet UL-94 standards), and heat conduction. , High energy absorption, sturdiness, durability and light weight put forward high requirements. FEATURE materials can also be used for typical body parts, such as beams, longitudinal beams, wheel brackets and other parts.

In addition, in the manufacturing process of the organic board, the metal foil can also be integrated into the laminate. The difference is that with other organic board manufacturing processes, if you want to integrate the metal foil into the plastic substrate, you must complete this step in the second lamination process.

Manna Laminates’ FEATURE laminates can be thermoformed in injection molds or compression molds. Compared with the method of separately forming organic plates and metal foils before final assembly, and then joining them together, this ensures that there is only one part and One-time molding process, which also applies to complex shapes.

Using its innovative impregnation and consolidation process, Manna can produce 10mm thick laminates with superior mechanical properties and excellent delamination resistance in one step.

To manufacture FEATURE organic board materials, a wide range of fiber/resin combinations can be used, and the product forms are also diverse. Available fiber materials include alkali-free glass fiber and carbon fiber, and resin materials include PP, PA6, HDPE, LDPE and PC.

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