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Do you know that PEEK special engineering plastics have so many excellent properties?

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Polyetheretherketone (PEEK), a linear aromatic polymer compound, is formed by alternately connecting ether bonds, aromatic rings, and carbonyl groups. It is a thermoplastic special engineering plastic.

01 PEEK performance

The molecular chain of PEEK is full of aromatic rings and has great rigidity, so it has excellent high temperature resistance. The glass transition temperature is as high as 143℃ and the melting point is as high as 343℃. It can work continuously for a long time in an environment of 250℃ and an environment of 300℃. Under short-term work.

PEEK has a hard texture and outstanding mechanical properties. The tensile modulus can reach 3.5GPa, the unreinforced tensile strength can reach 100MPa, and the flexural strength can reach 165MPa. The change of environmental temperature has little effect on the mechanical properties of PEEK. After PEEK is reinforced by glass fiber, the mechanical properties can be further improved. In addition, PEEK also has good creep resistance and alternating stress fatigue resistance.

PEEK has stable chemical properties and is not afraid of water, oil, halogenated hydrocarbons, common acids and alkalis at room temperature, and it is only soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid. It may be destroyed by halogens, strong acids, and complex aromatic compounds at high temperatures.

PEEK has good processing fluidity, suitable for injection molding, extrusion, molding, spraying, etc., and can be used for secondary processing.

PEEK can achieve V-0 flame retardant effect even without adding flame retardant, with low smoke emission and low volatilization toxicity.

PEEK is self-lubricating, suitable for low-friction working conditions, and can also be used in environments with abrasion resistance requirements.

PEEK has excellent insulation properties and good weather resistance, and can be used as a cable protection material.

PEEK also has radiation resistance, and it can still maintain insulation and mechanical properties when the gamma radiation dose reaches 1100Mrad.

PEEK is suitable for composite reinforcement with various materials, carbon fiber, glass fiber and mineral can be used.

02 The development of PEEK

PEEK is an ultra-high-performance special engineering plastic developed by the British Imperial Chemical Industry Company (ICI) in 1978. Later, DuPont, BASF, Japan's Mitsui Toyo Chemical Company, VICTREX, and American Ertep have also developed similar product. Among them, ICI's PEEK has been converted to VICTREX's production. In China, because of its excellent performance, PEEK is regarded as a strategic national defense and military industry material, and its research has been included in the national key scientific and technological projects of the Seventh Five-Year Plan and the "863 Plan". The main production and research manufacturers include Vigers in the United Kingdom, China’s largest PEEK manufacturer Jilin Province Zhongyan Polymer Materials Co., Ltd., in addition to Changchun Jida Special Plastics Co., Ltd. Beijing Huatong Ruiqi Company and Jida Evonik High Performance Polymers Property company.

03 Application of PEEK

PEEK has a wide range of applications, commonly found in automotive, military, medical, aviation, electrical and other industries.

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