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Difficulties and solutions in the application of continuous carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites

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With the continuous improvement of application requirements, the use value of thermoplastic carbon fiber composite materials has been highlighted. PEEK, a high-temperature engineering polymer, has excellent mechanical properties, chemical resistance, heat resistance, and self-wetting properties. With continuous carbon fiber reinforcement, its advantages such as high strength and light weight can also be fully utilized.

One is because the raw materials of this thermoplastic carbon fiber composite material are relatively expensive, which will increase the cost price of the product to a certain extent, and the increase in the cost price may affect the market competitiveness; the other is because they are very interested in this new type of composite material. It is not as thorough as the traditional metal materials. The replacement of composite materials is very fast, and there are many types of composite materials composed of different matrices and reinforcements.

Although the advantages of thermoplastic carbon fiber composites are very obvious, most design engineers still do not have enough confidence to try rashly.

First, because the raw materials of this type of thermoplastic carbon fiber composite materials are relatively expensive, they will increase the cost of goods to a certain extent, and the increase in cost prices may affect market competitiveness; second, because of their preference for such new composite materials. The mastery is not as in-depth as the traditional metal materials, the rate of upgrading and upgrading of composite materials is rapid, and the types of composite materials composed of different matrixes and reinforcements are diverse.

There are dozens of common thermoplastic composite materials that can be closely combined with carbon fiber. Designers who are habitually using metal materials usually cannot accurately grasp the transformation of this raw material under different conditions and the impact of these changes on the overall performance of the composite material. , Which in turn affected their confidence.

Therefore, the handling of this problem depends on the harmony and joint struggle of both the supplier and the demander. If high-efficiency production and manufacturing can be achieved through advanced automation technology production technology, not only can the operating cost of a single component be significantly reduced, but also the overall construction cost of the application target can be eased, and it will contribute to the final reduction of operating costs.

In fact, thermoplastic carbon fiber composite materials, especially continuous carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite materials are still in the development link. The specific strength, heat resistance, impact resistance, and abrasion resistance of continuous carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin composites far exceed those of thermoset carbon fiber composites. Compared with traditional metal materials, the advantages are more significant. As an application demander, the application value of such excellent composite materials is obvious. We must not consider such use value only from the production cost of the product. Such raw materials are likely to bring "quality" to the application target. Of flying over.

But which component is used in, how to use it in practice, requires a detailed and repeated process of argumentation. In addition, different thermoplastic epoxy resin management systems are suitable for different main purposes. How to choose the best performance and most cost-effective application plan must also be carefully considered and optimized in the early stage.

Carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites seem to have a long way to go if they want to play key roles in aviation, transportation, medical treatment and other high-end manufacturing industries, but people who do not believe in it will not be determined to be high and achieve success. Has already emerged.

Article source: Noen Compound Materials

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