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Co-extrusion Line For PVC Foam Corrugated Sheet

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Three-layer tile




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Product advantages  


High strength, sound proof and damp   proof, long service life 

Hard shaping. long testing time. high   requirements on mould

Light specific gravity. good toughness, sound   proof and damp proof, etc.

High requirements on formula, high   requirements on technique

Simple processing, low investment

High specific gravity, high maintenance   cost

PVC co-extruded foam insulation sound insulation tile
The latest composite co-extrusion technology is used to produce a new generation of PVC sound insulation tiles.
The surface layer can be made of weather-resistant PVC modified material or ASA raw material, the core layer has a foam density of 0.35-0.55g / cm3, super durable, heat preservation, environmental protection and energy saving, asbestos-free, good heat insulation, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, economical, The colorful and durable features are the choice of new-generation factory buildings (especially electroplating plants, chemical plant buildings for tile replacement), warehouses, real estate, aisles, roofs, carports and other engineering roofing building materials.
1) Excellent thermal insulation performance and stable chemical properties. The upper and lower layers are modified upvc, and the middle layer is a polymer foam layer. UPVC insulation tiles and the use of core foaming technology ensure that a porous structure is formed inside the product to effectively block the transmission of heat insulation energy. The thermal conductivity of the insulation tile is 0.219W / mk, which is about 1/3 of the earthen tile, 1/5 of the 10mm thick cement tile, and 1/2000 of the 0.5mm thick colored steel tile.
2) The core layer of the three-layer foam insulation tile is a porous material with porous ventilation properties. When the sound of falling rain strikes the tile surface, the sound waves are transmitted to the porous material, causing air vibration in the gap and friction with the porous wall. , Reflection, attenuates the sound energy and produces a sound absorption effect, achieving the function of sound insulation.
3) UPVC insulation tiles are available in 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm thicknesses, with a wave pitch of 210mm and a wave height of 27mm. The width is 835,940mm and the length can be customized.
4) Durable and resistant to acid, alkali, and corrosion, with a service life of more than 20 years under normal outdoor conditions in the subtropics.
5) Good mechanical properties, high strength, good toughness! Adding various modification additives to the materials of each layer of tile has changed the physical properties of PVC resin. The special production process treatment greatly enhances the mechanical strength of the tile body while maintaining the good toughness of the substrate of PVC resin , So that the thermal insulation tile itself has super strong bending strength, compressive strength, bending strength and impact strength. On the basis of completely guaranteeing safe construction, it is also safe to use even in coastal areas with many typhoons!
6) Good fire resistance, flame retardant B1 building materials, no worry about fire!
Advantages of GPM three-layer co-extrusion foaming equipment:
1) Special screw structure design can meet the requirements of high foaming rate of core layer and high weather resistance of surface layer
2) Special co-extrusion flow channel design, greatly reducing the requirements for foam mold removal
3) Professional design of molds and shaping molds, suitable for the requirements of high foam roof tiles
4) Formula and process guidance to help you master the new technology of PVC foam tile faster
5) Full service of engineers to speed up the timely delivery of your factory orders



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