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British Cygnet Texkimp launched a new generation of composite material spreading creel

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British Cygnet Texkimp launched a new generation of composite material spreading creel

British Cygnet Texkimpcompany introduced a new generation of filament winding creels that use patented pneumatic technology to achieve reliable tension. The creels use patented pneumatic technology to provide high-end technology and carbon fiber markets with uniform low tension.

The patented creel technology is called Flatline Creel, which is the latest technology graduated from Cygnet Texkimp's British innovation program. The technology is designed to meet the high-endcarbon fiber prepreg and multifilament tow market's demand for precision and uniformity.

Cygnet Texkimp’s Creels product director explained: “The way the fiber bundle is unwound from the spool and fed into the downstream technology is critical to the success of the entire process and the quality of the finished material. In the production of the highest quality carbon fiber prepreg and When weaving industrial fabrics, tension and handling are indispensable considerations. By utilizing the capabilities of precision pneumatics, we have developed a winding technology with unparalleled tension and handling performance."

The creel adopts low-pressure, low-friction pneumatic cylinder technology to generate consistent tension for each fiber bundle in a series of downstream processes from prepreg to weaving. The pressure of each precision cylinder is set by the central electronic control system, which adjusts the pressure according to operating conditions. It is actually a pneumatic brake used to adjust the torque applied to each position on the creel.

A key consideration in the design is that no mechanical calibration or high-level operational expertise is required when setting up and operating the system in a manufacturing plant. The pressure and breaking force of each cylinder can be pre-programmed and set electronically, which means no field calibration is required. Optimize the design to reduce changes in the manufacturing process.

Each flat module is formed in a closed module, which eliminates the possibility of fiber fragments entering the system and causing tension changes.

The tension range that Flatline can provide is also much larger than that of traditional mechanical creels, between 100g and 1000g, providing end users with greater processing flexibility.

Cygnet Texkimp is a leading creel manufacturer and has developed some of the first carbon fiber uncoilers made in the 1970s. Flatline creels, together with the company's traditional mechanical creels and its downstream processing technology range (including coating, filament winding and prepreg manufacturing machines), are competitive high-quality products in the market.

This article is reproduced from the WeChat public account of China Composite Materials Network。


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