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Advantages of carbon fiber composite materials in sports equipment

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Advantages of carbon fiber composite materials in sports equipment

The quality of carbon fiber is lighter than that of metal aluminum, but its strength is higher than that of steel. It has four product forms: fiber, inert, prepreg and chopped fiber. The cloth refers to the fabric made of carbon fiber; the prepreg is to arrange the carbon fiber in one direction uniformly, and the carbon fiber or cloth is impregnated with resin to convert it into a sheet; the chopped fiber refers to the short filament. According to different proportions, these products and resins will be used together to form carbon fiber reinforced composite materials.


Currently, the new materials used to manufacture sports equipment are mainly composite materials, and carbon fiber composite materials are among the best. In a sense, modern competitive sports is a sport that challenges the limits of human physical fitness. The slight increase in the world record of any event often requires and relies on the promotion of technology.

   High specific modulus and high specific modulus

   The specific modulus and specific modulus of carbon fiber composite materials are 3 to 5 times and 7 to 12 times that of steel, 3 times and 4 times that of Chinese fir. The outstanding specific modulus and specific strength enable it to be used to manufacture various products that are light, strong and rigid. In terms of civilian goods, it is especially suitable for the manufacture of various sports goods. At this stage, many professional sports equipment choose to use carbon fiber. Composite materials.

  light in mass

People want the lighter the quality of sports equipment such as poles, golf clubs, tennis rackets, bicycles, snowboards, kayaks, etc., to be exercised by manpower; even if they are exercised by power other than manpower The equipment, such as racing cars, sailing boats, motor boats, etc., is also light in weight under the same conditions.

Carbon fiber composite materials have incomparable advantages in this respect. Its density is 1.76~1.80g/cm3, and the density of composite materials is 1.50~1.60g/cm3, while steel is about 7.87g/cm3 and aluminum is 2.7g/cm3. , Titanium 4.5g/cm3. Obviously, carbon fiber composite materials are much lighter than metal materials.

   good damage safety performance

  In the carbon fiber composite material, due to the effect of the matrix, the strain of each fiber is basically the same when it is pulled along the fiber direction. As a result of the stress transmitted by the matrix, most of the fibers that have been broken are still functioning except for the failure at the fracture. The breakage of individual fibers will not cause chain reaction and catastrophic rapid damage, so the damage safety performance is very good.

  Large design freedom

   The development of composite material molding technology has greatly improved the degree of design freedom. A significant feature of fiber composite materials is anisotropy. By changing the direction and method of fiber layup, the force status in a certain direction can be strengthened or strengthened locally; it can be different according to the age, gender, skill level, physical strength, etc. of the contestant. The situation should be designed to maximize the use effect of sports equipment, which is difficult to achieve with general isotropic metal materials.

  The coefficient of thermal expansion is small

The thermal expansion coefficient of carbon fiber is almost negative at room temperature. When the temperature is between 200 degrees Celsius and 400 degrees Celsius, its thermal expansion coefficient is zero; when the temperature is lower than 1000 degrees Celsius, its linear expansion coefficient is 1.5*10^(-6) K^(-1)

  Good damping performance

  The polymer matrix of carbon fiber composite material has viscoelasticity. There are frictional forces at the places where there are microcracks and debonding in the matrix and the interface. During the vibration process, the viscoelasticity and frictional forces convert part of the kinetic energy into heat energy. Therefore, its damping is larger than that of steel and aluminum alloy, and if specific measures are taken, the damping can be increased.

   high fatigue strength

  The carbon fiber material has a stable structure. After a million times of fantasy stress fatigue tests, the strength retention rate of the composite material can still reach 60%, compared with 40% for traditional metal steel and 30% for aluminum. The high fatigue strength will make the service life of the equipment longer.

  Carbon fiber has become one of the research focuses of countries all over the world. Carbon fiber is used in high-precision fields such as aerospace and military industry. China is also actively developing related technologies related to carbon fiber composite materials to break the technical limitations. Noen Composites has also established its own R&D team, determined to provide everyone with high-quality carbon fiber products and use science and technology to benefit everyone.

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