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2024 JEC Composites Exhibition

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On March 5-7, 2024, the JEC Composite Materials Exhibition was held at the Villeban Exhibition Center in the northern suburbs of Paris, France. The exhibition attracted nearly 1,300 composite materials industry exhibitors from 49 countries and regions to participate, and more than 30,000 experts, scholars, scientists and R&D personnel in the field of composite materials and advanced materials visited this event of the composite materials industry.CFRTP

JEC Composites Exhibition was founded in 1963, as the world's largest composite materials exhibition, more than 60 years ago. Germany has 226 exhibitors this year, France and China tied for second place, with 186 companies each, the fourth and fifth are 116 companies from the United States and 103 from Italy. The composite materials industry of this exhibition is the automobile manufacturing, aviation manufacturing and building materials, and the exhibits are mostly composite materials products, raw materials, molding processes and equipment, mechanical properties and non-destructive testing equipment, cutting and processing equipment in the fields of automobile, aviation, aerospace, Marine yachts, building materials, rail transit, wind power generation, leisure products, pipelines and electric power.

The fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites based on thermoplastic resins presented at this exhibition are developing rapidly, and their applications cover the fields of aerospace, automotive manufacturing, construction and electronics. Based on this background, this paper focuses on the technical innovation and application development of thermoplastic composites in the field of civil aviation industry and automotive industry, combined with the analysis of the global thermoplastic composites market, the development trend of its future market is predicted and prospected.



Thermoplastic composites, which are made of thermoplastic polymers as matrix phase and combined with high-performance reinforcing materials, have been playing an important role in aerospace, automotive industry, Marine transportation and other related industries. Thermoplastic composites have the unique advantages of high toughness, chemical stability and ease of processing, their ability to soften and repeatedly consolidate when heated, meet the efficient production needs of a wide range of complex components, and allow them to be reshaped and recycled.

Rising demand for lightweight products due to rapid global urbanization and the introduction of low carbon emission targets is driving the growth of the thermoplastic composites market. At the JEC World 2024 International Composites Exhibition, more than 20 of the 33 finalists for the JEC Composites Innovation Award are new materials and new technologies that highlight the green, low-emission, recyclable and future composites development model. Thermoplastic composites are deeply integrated into these projects, and the related components developed around them include aircraft skins and cabin panels, car doors and body structures, and from which various emerging forming technologies such as in-situ consolidation and reactive pultrusion technology are derived. Market demand is the fundamental driving force for the continuous development of thermoplastic composites, and the market of thermoplastic composites has gradually transited from aerospace to civilian industries such as automobiles.

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