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GPM machinery(shanghai)CO.,LTD-CPVC Pipe Extrusion Line

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GPM is devoted to develop high speed plastic molding and extrusion system, which has reached or closed to the international advanced level on the technology; we will introduce the advantaged equipments and characteristics of GPM in 10 periods, and also the promotions to your production and process.

I. CPVC Pipe Extrusion Line

CPVC water supply pipe is a new type of water supply pipe by using the chlorinated PVC as the main raw material, and then through the extruder to extrusion molding.  

The greatest advantage of CPVC water supply pipe is high temperature resistance. It is mainly used in the cold/hot water supply, hot chemical solution and effluent conveying pipe, the highest temperature of the liquid can be 120 in the long-term use, and its service life can be 40 years.

CPVC pipe machine.jpg

CPVC pipe making machine.jpg


GPM equipments can perfectly show you the features of CPVC resin, the plastifying temperature of the extruder is 210℃ and the outlet temperature of the mold is 230℃, it can adopt the CPVC resin from LUBRIZOL to reach its best usability.

Equipment advantages:

1) Professional design of screw structure can do the long-term and stable production and no need to clean the screw and barrel.

2) Can reach the best usability of CPVC.

3) Can do one pipe or two pipes output at the same time, improved the service efficiency of equipment.

4) The whole line adopts international famous brands’ components and parts, meet the standards of UL or CE.

5) We can also provide you training on production technology and formula process. 

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We are not only the manufacturer of equipments, but also your long-term cooperation partner, to share the production innovation and improvement on efficiency from the development of technology together, GPM is always on your side….


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